Flat colors for the comic album "Steam Pirates' Railroads" written by Matteo Aversano.

November 2015
ManFont - Torino (Italy)


I colored the cover of the novel “The Walls of Jericho” and two more, one of them was the cover of the Magazine #194. The main character, Zagor (©Bonelli), is always drawn by his creator, Gallieno Ferri. 
My collaboration with the italian magazine started in 2010 with an 8 pages long story of the volume “Zagor - The new king of Darkwood” and its cover. The 2007 story was written by Sergio Bonelli and drawn by Gallieno Ferri.

Committee: Fumo di China Magazine - Rimini (Italy)


Cartoon made for the cinema magazine "Mondo Niovo", December 2012.

Committee: AMNC (Associazione Museo Nazionale del Cinema), Torino.

 Cartoon made for the cinema magazine "Mondo Niovo", Juin 2012.

Committee: AMNC (Associazione Museo Nazionale del Cinema), Torino.


Inker of a 7 pages long story and its cover. Pencils by Matteo Aversano, story by Roberto Cavalli.  

Committee: Ass. Ingegneria senza frontiere - Torino (Italy)


Production of 4 pages, pencils and inks, for the “Escape from Auschwitz” comic book project on a script by Manfredi Toraldo and in collaboration with seven other artists for the making of the whole 32 story pages.
Cover by Francesco "Matt" Mattina.
The graphic novel was made from an idea by Associazione Terra del Fuoco of Turin and has been published by Vittorio Pavesio Productions, Turin.

Committee: Associazione Terra del Fuoco

Published a sequence of 36 illustrations, made with Matteo Aversano, presented on every chapter opening of Massimiliano Frezzato’s “Le avventure di Pinocchio - Storia di un burattino”, published by Edizioni Di.